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Wallpaper is a great way to add visual interest to your
home, especially with the range of patterns, colours
and textures available. ...............      
How To Choose A Paint Colour
Start with the right product to get the best results.
Premium paint – which has a higher volume of solid
material, binders and .......
The Luxury of Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring has established itself as an innovative and cost-efficient
alternative to solid hardwood flooring. Laminate is not only attractive, but
available in a wide range of colours and grains. It's also more dent and
stain-resistant than solid or engineered hardwood flooring,
making it the perfect choice for active households
with young children or pets.
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New look for your home?
Compiled are some ideas and pics of
beautiful home designs that will make
you smile from ear to ear!
Finding the right contractor or Interior Design firm...
Home renovation is a necessary process to transform an empty or problematic living space into a
dream home. It is immensely personal because the interior designer or contractor has to be
aware of your living habits in order to make the design............. is your guide to Renovations & Interior Designs in
Before you kick off your reno works, make sure to visit our site and
read up on everything and anything reno-wise.
Also available are recommended contractors and wholesalers of building
materials to help you with the best services and cheapest pricing available.
High End Resilient Vinyl (HERV)
HERV is designed to be durable, resistant to stains and water, and easy to clean and maintain. The
waterproof nature of HERV makes them less likely to become a breeding ground for mold and
mildew, which can make a home unhealthy to be in.
It also reduces the risk of damage to the subfloor.
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New Ruling
Come 1 December 2014, if you are renovating and having floor replacements of your new BTO flats
from HDB, you will not be surprised it is going
to be more expensive.............
Getting New Air-Conditioners?
Before you buy an air conditioner, consider the space you're shopping for; do you need to cool your entire home
or just a specific room?
Feng Shui Tips
Are you planning the remodeling or renovation of your house? If you do, I strongly
suggest you apply some easy feng shui tips for remodeling and renovating to
assure the creation of a beautiful, harmonious house.
Tiles & other Hardfloorings
Whether you are installing a tile floor or a shower wall, you'll want to consider how
much wear and tear it will face on a daily basis. Apart from selecting the materials
that are best suited for your application, you may also wish to take into
account the following:
5 Amazing Tricks For Expanding Your Small Space
We've all been there. Whether it’s a dorm room, a studio apartment or a guest bedroom, every
one of us has had to deal with trying to make a small space look like it's something other than
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Finding the right
contractor or Interior
Design firm...
The Dos & Donts for a
home owner in desperate
need of a home
How can home owners
disguising themselves as
Interior Designers
what can they do if they
have been duped?
Basic Color Theory
Color theory encompasses a multitude of definitions, concepts and design applications - enough
to fill several encyclopedias. However, there are three basic categories of color theory that are
logical and useful : The color wheel, color harmony, and the context of how colors are used.
Tiles popping! An epidemic?
Have you experienced this in your home? You and your family were sound asleep only
to be awaken by thunderous cracking noises and when you came out to your living
room to investigate, to your dismay and shock, your beautiful and almost invincible
flooring has popped!
Add or expand your closet space with helpful tips and tricks
If you live in a condo or an older house, you know that closet space is at a premium. Adding a closet or
expanding an existing one will help to increase the functionality and value of your home.....
10 tips to reduce stress when renovating
Home renovation can be a very stressful experience but it does not have to be. Being clear in what
you want and clear in the steps needed to achieve that is vital to making sure you get a satisfying end
How To Manage Renovation Costs
More than 30 percent of Singaporean homeowners spend more than they plan to during renovations. If you
aren’t prepared, the process can become a rocky road. Here’s my guide to navigating the terrain and ensuring
yourself a smooth ride.
Why French Doors Are Perfect Additions To Your Home
French doors have become the golden standard for new or updated homes. Not only do they give you a
“new” feel as soon as you open the door, but French doors let sunlight in when you want and keep cold
air out whenever you choose.
How To Build A Storage Shed
We could all use extra space and a great way to add some storage without taking up valuable square
footage within the home is by building an outdoor storage shed. Building a shed is a fun DIY project that
any DIYer can accomplish. All you need are the steps to construct it yourself. Let’s get to work.
Have You Been Duped? Don't Get Cheated!
How can home owners look out for con-artists disguising themselves as Interior Designers and what can
they do if they have been duped?
Outdoor & Exterior Lightings
Outdoor lighting is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to add beauty and security to
your home. Weather-resistant fixtures highlight landscape features, make dark areas safer
and let you enjoy your patio or garden long after the sun goes down.
Understanding the outdoor lighting styles that work best for different
areas will help you choose the most appropriate light for your space.
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Curtains? Don’t Follow Blindly
So you got the keys to your new home. You’re excited as well as
you should be. You hold on to your partner’s hand as you step
into your overpriced Singapore home. You look around and think
to yourself – the place would look perfect with blinds.