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Finding the right
contractor or Interior
Design firm...
The Dos & Donts for a
home owner in desperate
need of a home
How can home owners
look out for con-artists
disguising themselves as
Interior Designers
what can they do if they
have been duped?
10 Ways to make a room more functional
The size of HDB rooms these days make the standard
Hotel 81 rooms look like a honeymoon suite.
There is really no point whining about it because you know
it’s just going to get worse with the impending 6.9million.
So instead of feeling upset with the future we deserve, let’s be
creative and look at how we can optimise our living space.
2.        Hidden Storage
Small spaces are a nightmare of hoarders. They just don’t
have the heart to throw away anything and end up living
precariously amongst boxes of stuff that they don’t even
remember exist. If you absolutely must hoard, then go for
furniture that can double us as a storage facility. Like this
Rolling Storage Seat that I found while trying to

re-design my own room. If you’re feeling adventurous, click
on the link below and learn how to make your own nifty
hidden storage.

1. Make Use of Vertical Space
Take a leaf out of HDB’s urban planning book when it comes to
redesigning your room. In land scarce Singapore, there is only one way
to build homes – upwards.

Go for Loft Beds to maximize use of vertical spaces.
3.        Transformable / Multipurpose Furniture
This one is my favourite. Transformable furniture is
guaranteed to get the “Ooohs” and “Ahhhs” from your guests.
How cool is it that your wall mounted study table can be
lowered into a bed? You can find many of such furniture for
sale on the
Internet but they don’t come cheap.
4.        Foldable Furniture
So you almost had a seizure after learning about the cost of
transformable furniture. May I interest you in foldable furniture instead?
They are the next best thing in designing a functional room without
breaking your bank. Take it out when you need to use them, or fold them
up and hide them away when you don’t. They are easy to store and
make use of tiny areas that are otherwise collecting dust.
5.        Modular Furniture
There will probably be pieces of furniture you use frequently and
do not fancy the hassle of unfolding them out every so often.
Modular furniture gives you the option to compact them when not
in use. Phil Crook's Compact Sofa System is one great example.

Article written by Eugene Tay
founder of Monsters Under the Bed Creative Writing School
and the author of the Supernatural Confessions series.
6.        Dividers
When using a divider to segregate a space into multiple areas, consider a partition that can double up as a storage
and a shelf. IKEA’s EXPEDIT (now known as KALLAX) is a popular choice for functional dividers.
Home renovation
can be a very
stressful experience
but it does not have
to be. Being clear in
what you want and
clear in the steps
needed to achieve
that is vital to
making sure you get
a satisfying end
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Home renovation is a
necessary process
to transform an
empty or problematic
living space into a
dream home. It is
immensely personal
because the interior
designer or
contractor has to be
aware of your living
Wallpaper has been
making a come back
in recent years. It
be used as a great
decorating trick to
make rooms look
bigger  and ceilings
look higher, but get
it wrong and you can
be left with  the
opposite effect.
Here are 10 ways you can make your room more functional.
7.        Nooks
Think you have found a spot in your
room too small and awkward to
utilise? Turn the space into a
functional nook. Put some cushions
and you have a chill-out corner to
curl up and read a good book.
Lazing around in a soft and cozy Nook, sure beats any day at the office!
8.        Natural Flow & Lighting
If moving from the doorway to the furthest end of the room makes you feel like a
contestant in the Spartan Race, then you probably have to much clutter in your room. A
good gauge to test if your room is well designed is to open your widows and look for
areas that sunlight can’t reach. These are the spots that are likely to be underutilised.
9.        Shelving
Wall mounted shelves of varying heights can break the
monotony of a blank wall, a great way to showcase your
personality and still be used to hold items you frequently
10.        Plants
Here’s a neat trick – Plants!
Greens have an uncanny way of tricking
the senses into believing that a space is larger
than it is; and with the right plants, they have the
added benefit of removing odour from your room.
I recommend pandan, lemongrass or mint. Want
to impress your friends when they come over for
drinks? Pluck some mint leaves into
your glass of crushed ice and topped it up with
rum that you magically pulled out
from a hidden storage. Mojito anyone?
Adding greens to your room can make it appear larger.