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The Dos & Donts for a
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Why The Customer Is Not Always Right
And Why It Doesn't Matter............

The customer may not always be right, and here's how you should
treat them w
hen they resort to bullying and defaming tactics.

Just how pervasive is the cliche "the customer is always right" in
business? Well, a quick Google search reveals more than 3 million
matching Web pages containing that exact phrase. If you buy into the
the "wisdom of the crowds," you're probably wondering why in the
world only your business ended up with a lot of "wrong" customers.

Here's the secret that many business owners are afraid to admit: the
customer is
not always right. In fact, some customers are so wrong,
you sometimes feel like a fired-up baseball umpire that just wants to
get in the face of your customers and scream at them just how wrong
they are.

Below is a story / example that was sent to us via a good friend,
Mr Bhai Angullia.

Now most of us h
ave heard or seen Mr Bhai or his business page on
Facebook before. If you haven't, then let me get you up to speed.

Mr Bhai, apart from being a humanitarian and good public Samaritan,
also co-owns, a well known family oriented
flooring business.

With an enormous fan base and with tons of good reviews, this highly
recommended company truly stands out above the rest.

Headed by the infamous power-duo,
Mr Bhai Angullia & Madam Farz Abdat proves time and time again why
they are tops and on everyone's minds when it comes to beautiful and
affordable home flooring and why home owners should
NOT be
mislead by f
ly-by-night flooring companies, inexperienced salesmen or
market newbies.

With thousands of projects under their belt, and hundreds of good
reviews, it was only a matter of time when a small group of hate
mongers would attack this company's Facebook walls and reputation.
These hate mongers / avid defamers / unethical pieces of trash
(as most businessmen would refer them as) would somehow find

sheer orgasmic pleasure in seeing the ruins and downfall of others
more successful / popular then them.

Do we allow these haters to flourish and get away with their antics?
I certainly do not think so..
And so the story goes.
Almost two years had gone past and Mr Teo and his family,
(his wife and 2 young kids) had 0 problems or complaints about our
flooring until recently.

He called me over the phone and demanded that I send someone over
to his place to access some damages. I gladly obliged and Mdm Farz
(my wife and sales expert) made an appointment with Mr Teo and
came over to his home. She found out that one of the 'T' joints that we
had installed between Mr Teo's living room flooring and bedroom
flooring had broke. No other areas of flooring in the house was
mentioned and all else seemed fine. This was going to be a 5 minute
repair job. But as Mr Teo had not properly explained the cause of his
dismay to us, no materials was brought over to Mr Teo's home and
Mdm Farz, after checking with me over the phone had advised Mr Teo
that we will find a good time to send men over to his home
The phrase “The customer is always right” was originally
coined in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of
Selfridge's department store in London, and is typically
used by businesses to convince customers that they will
get good service at this company and convince
employees to give customers good service
'' Salams / Hello guys at,
with a heavy heart, I would like to share my experience with you regarding a 'bad customer'. I feel that the sheer injustice
and total lack of understanding and compassion shown to us by a one
Mr AH Teo served upon us was grounds enough for
a good share and also a good read. I truly hope that your esteemed readers would see and understand the real story
behind one of the bad reviews on my company's Facebook wall which was posted up recently.

In May 2014, almost 2years ago, my company was called upon by a one Mr Teo to send someone over to his home, take
measurements and give a quotation on the flooring works that he wishes to have done.

Upon seeing us arrive, and most probably concluding that the owner of the company, myself and my wife, were Muslims,
Mr Teo immediately showed a lack of approach or friendliness towards us. I am not assuming that he is a racist or that he
was disappointed to find out that he had called Muslims into his home, but what I am saying is that, the vibe and
atmosphere that we received over the phone had totally taken a 180 degree turn as soon as he saw us at his home.

Nonetheless, being the cheapest floorers in the market, Mr Teo must have felt that if he did not take on our services, then
he would probably never get a better deal and so the deal was agreed, signed and soon after, we came back to his home
to complete the job at hand. All went well, and I truly believed that he was happy with our pricing, products and works.
Although at NO point in time did Mr Teo give us a good review on Facebook like most happy clients would.
and change this 3 feet long trimming for him for FREE.
Yes FREE. He acknowledged and Farz left the premises. A trimming joint is NOT something we give out warranty for as it is
PVC or sometimes a wood based product that over time, encounters damages through simple wear and tear, just like all
things in this world.
When you install laminate
flooring in two adjacent
rooms, you're left with a
threshold joint where the two
installations meet. A strip of
t-molding, short for transition
molding, can cover this joint
elegantly and securely. The
exact process for installing
t-molding depends on what
your subfloor is made of and
whether you can nail a track
to it.
Afew very busy weeks past and we called up to informe Mr Teo that we will come over to his home the next day to help
him with his issue. He complied. The next day, we had gone over to a home in Chai Chee Avenue where a family had
tiles pop in 2 bedrooms recently and needed us to urgently help them remove the broken, sharp and dangerous
broken tiles, cement their flooring and lay laminate wood for their 3 bedrooms. Only upon removing the broken tiles, did
we realise the severity of the situation and the length of time needed to rectify this grave issue. Our priorities for that day
had to be rethought and the hourly schedule of works for that day had to be re-planned.
I instructed Mdm Farz to call Mr Teo up and inform him that our
workers will be stuck the whole day in Chai Chee, and we we will fix
another appointment with him for the FREE repairs. He agreed and
said that the following week's Monday would be best. We complied.

Thinking that all was good, we continued the works in Chai Chee. I had
to personally go to the Police post which was right below this 2nd floor
unit to inform and seek compassion with the good officers on duty to
tolerate the noise above them so that we could help settle the issue for
the family in question. Me and my workers finally settled all works at
about 10pm that night. We slogged for 12hrs to help people in need
that day. With God's grace and will.

To my dismay and displeasure, I found out that Mr Teo had written a
non-deletable bad review on my
company's Facebook wall...
..............the sad thing was, every time I type in a long reply to Mr Teo's baseless rant, he deletes my replies so that
everyone can only see his bad review and only see his side of the story. All I have now is a snapshot of my reply. The
review he posted can never be deleted and will always be a small thorn on my Facebook business page, but I am hoping
that people get to read my story and know how it feels to be on the receiving end of a nightmarish client like Mr Teo. ''

Bhai Angullia
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Mr Ah Teo
The Client from hell