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5 Amazing Tricks For Expanding Your Small Space

We've all been there. Whether it’s a dorm room, a studio
apartment or a guest bedroom, every one of us has had to deal
with trying to make a small space look like it's something other
than tiny.
1. Minimize

When dealing with a lack of space, your
first instinct might be to downsize your
furniture. It seems like the best way to
maximize available room, but that isn't the
case. Small furniture will actually make the
room feel even smaller but filling it with
furnishings that are the right scale will
make it feel much larger. So instead of
opting for undersized pieces, take
accurate measurements to identify pieces
like beds and sofas that will take up the
correct amount of space. You will be
surprised at the result!
2. Expanding Your Existing Space

Beyond the furniture, expanding a space is mostly about your ability to draw the eye around the space. So if you have
high ceilings, use them! There are several ways to accentuate the vertical length of a room, but one of the best is to
hang your window curtains as high as you can. Hanging them just above the window will actually dwarf the space.
Hanging them at the top of your wall (or as close as you can get) will draw the eye upward, using your room's vertical
space to expand the room visually.
Article compiled by Mr Bhai Angullia
Managing Director of
3. Visual Decor

Another way to draw the eye around the room is by bringing
visual interest to your walls. Painting your walls can be a
wonderful way to make a room feel more open. Avoid feature
walls, and just go for it, covering the whole room.
Picking a non-traditional yet neutral shade like gray or navy blue
will make it feel cohesive without being boring.
And don't worry about dark colors.
Even a room with black walls can feel larger with
pieces at the correct scale.
The truth is it takes a lot of creativity to get the most out of spaces
that don't offer much more than elbow room. But before you give
up on your apartment or consign your guest bedroom to storage
duty, take another look. The key to making a small space work is
finding ways to open it up visually. It can be a challenge, but with
the right pieces and a bit of know-how making a small room feel
larger than it actually is can be much easier than you might think,
all while packing in a big sense of style.
To help your small space reach its full potential, here are our top
5 tips for making a room a feel bigger.
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4. Art

Art is the final piece you need to enhance your space. The great thing about art is that it can highlight the length and
height of your space while adding interest to the walls. Create a long gallery wall of small to mid-sized pieces to
accentuate the width of your room. Or go with one or two large pieces for a greater visual impact that brings attention to
how tall the room is. Best of all, unlike furniture, using art to visually expand your space doesn't take up any actual room
on the floor, leaving you more space to move around.
5. Flooring

Flooring plays one of the biggest, if not, the biggest part in making a room or hall look big. As flooring practically is the
biggest part of the room, besides the walls of course, it is essential that we do not leave it out. Basically, as we all know,
brightness is the key word. Bright walls, especially bright coloured flooring would make any small room look big.
Strips does that too. Long strips make a room or hallway look so much bigger then they actually are. So its really easy to
say that if one is looking for bright coloured flooring that have long strips associated with it, then one can actually choice
Laminated wood or HERV vinyl flooring.