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Getting New Air-Conditioners?:

Before you buy an air conditioner, consider the space you're
shopping for; do you need to cool your entire home or just a specific
room? Do you have the proper electrical requirements?
18th September 2015
Finding the right
contractor or Interior
Design firm...
The Dos & Donts for a
home owner in desperate
need of a home
22nd September 2015
How can home owners
look out for con-artists
disguising themselves as
Interior Designers
what can they do if they
have been duped?
Air conditioning (often referred to as 'A/C' or 'AC') is the process of
altering the properties of air (primarily temperature and humidity) to
more comfortable conditions, typically with the aim of distributing the
conditioned air to an occupied space such as a building or a vehicle
to improve thermal comfort and indoor air quality. In common use,
an air conditioner is a device that lowers the air temperature. The
cooling is typically achieved through a refrigeration cycle, but
sometimes evaporation or free cooling is used.
Ask yourself....
How many days a year am I going to use it?
How expensive will my electric-utility bills be?
Will the extra cost for an energy-efficient air conditioner be worth it?
And if you are as every bit Singaporean as us, you will know that
you not only need air conditioners, but energy saving ones, which in
turn will be money saving ones.  
Here is a helpful chart taken off Intraix :
What size should I buy?

The key is to determine exactly the right size for you. Too small
an air conditioner will continuously run and will not adequately
cool a room. Too large a unit will tend to cycle off too quickly.
The unit will not properly remove moisture from the air and may
freeze, resulting in a higher energy bill. Ask a qualified
air-conditioning technician for a thorough analysis so that you
get exactly what you need.
Extra Features

Here is a list of features that people commonly look for when purchasing a new air conditioner:

Easy-access filters -
Makes cleaning or replacing the filter easy.

Humidifier/dehumidifiers -
Use the dehumidifier in the summer to remove dampness from the air and the humidifier in the winter to return
moisture to the air.

Multiple cooling and fan settings -
Gives you the power to personalize your comfort.

Slide-out chassis -
Allows for easy installation.

Energy-saver options -
Will save you money on your energy bills and it's a better choice for the environment.

24 Hour On/Off Timer -
Enables you to program the air conditioner to turn on and off at specific times.

Remote control -
Gives you the option to adjust the temperature without getting up.

Quiet operation -
Sound sensitive air conditioners cool the house without all the noise.
For Air-Con Services only:
Mr Sikhnesh
hp : 98281 6196
Tips on Buying Energy Efficient Air-Conditioners

Choose the correct size for your air-conditioner. Oversized or undersized
air-conditioners can operate inefficiently. A smaller room typically requires
a smaller air-conditioner. To find out the correct size for your
air-conditioner, check with your air-conditioner retailer.

Choose an air-conditioner model by using the tick rating system on the
energy label. A 1-tick and 2- tick model will cost you about $450 and $220
more in electricity bills a year* respectively as compared to using a 4-tick
air-conditioner. The more ticks, the more energy efficient the model is.

Choose models with lower life cycle costs (LCC). When buying an
air-conditioner, it is useful to look at the life cycle cost, in addition to the
purchase price. The energy cost of an air-conditioner over its lifespan can
be many times its purchase price.
Well its always warm in Singapore
and every one of you must have
been searching for an option which
will help you to get relief from this hot
and humid weather. The thing in sync
with Singapore weather, is that you
are on a constant lookout for places
equipped with AC. It has become one
of the most important parts of our
life’s comfort. Currently there are four
types of air conditioners in the
market and one may select it as per
need. They are Window AC, Split AC,
Central AC and lastly the Portable

The demands of the air conditioners
are at its peak in these months.
When we compare the air
conditioners from different brands,
we look at certain factors: cost,
warranty, filtering function, efficiency
in terms of cooling, power and so on.
To help you in order to select the
best air conditioner available in the
market we have compiled a list which
will help you choose from the top 5
best air conditioner brands in the
world. You may freely walk into any
store and select an AC from these
listed companies that suits your style
and requirement.
Hitachi is the leader in the air conditioners segment thus securing a well deserved place on this list . Hitachi is a
Japanese multinational company, which was founded in the year 1910. This company has been highly acclaimed for
manufacturing one of the most efficient air conditioners. The air conditioning solution provided by Hitachi is best in terms
of efficiency, technology, reliability and is value for money. Moreover the factor which adds to its brilliance is that its air
conditioners have a lower power consumption requirement and they emit very less greenhouse gases.
The self-cleaning technology used in Hitachi air conditioners is very much effective which gives it keeps it ahead from
others in the race of dominance.
The air conditioners from LG have always been found to be
equipped with the latest innovations and with features which
have not been seen so far in any other air conditioners. LG has
dominance in the air conditioner market throughout the world.
This company has its head office located in Seoul, South
Korea. LG has always been people’s favorite as they have
always focused on satisfying people with their product and less
on generating huge revenues. Various other technologies used
in the LG’s air conditioners are jet cooling system, plasma
filtration and the inverter technology. The company has
primarily focused on manufacturing air conditioners that are
very much energy efficient as it is the requirement of the hour
and conditioners which emits less greenhouse gases to save
the environment.
It’s been more than 110 years now since Carrier
entered into the market of the air conditioning
solution. They started this business in the year
1902 and after so many years they are now one
of the leading manufacturers of the air
conditioners in the world. With each passing year
Carrier has kept their main focus on bringing out
something unique and so they have always been
ahead of the others.
The active carbon deo-dizer and the silver ion filters used in the Carrier’s air conditioner are very effective. They not only
remove any foul smell from the room but also protects from the harmful bacteria which may affect your health.
Samsung is one of the most trusted
brands in the consumer electronics
market. This South Korean company
has provided the air conditioning
solution for so many years now and
people have faith in this brand. The
various factors which attract people
towards Samsung are its energy star
rating, turbo cleaning and de
humidification technology.
According to the company, their air conditioners are also very helpful in maintaining good health as it removes the
allergy causing and health threatening bacteria automatically. Samsung manufactures window, floor standing and the
split air conditioners and all of them are efficient in terms of cooling. Samsung has slowly emerged as an option for the
people who earlier were not able to buy ACs due to its high price and maintenance.
Daikin is the Japanese multinational which has
been manufacturing the air conditioners for the
last so many decades. It was founded in the
year 1924 as an electronics company. Slowly
Daikin entered into the air-conditioning market
and got huge success because of their
wonderful products. Their grip on the
international market is so firm that today they
have been providing the air conditioning
solution in almost every country.
The most important factor which attracts people towards Daikin is the price that they have set for various air conditioners.
Article compiled by Mr Bhai Angullia
Managing Director of LaminateFlooring.sg
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