Ceramic bead overlay

Clear vinyl wear layer

Decorative pattern

Cork / vinyl

Fibre-glass mesh

Linoleum/ rubber
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High End Resilient Vinyl (HERV)
In my previous apartment, the wooden floor parquet was
damaged over the period of the lease. It was fair wear and tear,
but the landlord insisted that I pay for the damages.

The next apartment I moved into, the agent assured me that I will
not have the same problems with the floor boards, as they were
scratch-proof and waterproof, but yet maintaining the warm look
and feel of wood. That was music to my ears as it meant that I
stood a better chance of keeping my deposit at the end of the
lease. But more about that later.

These floor boards in the new apartment are commonly called
"high end resilient vinyl" (HERV). They are made of composite
materials and are very different from their distant relative
traditional vinyl tiles that they have evolved from.
The materials that make up HERV varies, but here is what a typical cross section of the product may look like:
Not only are they stylish and sleek, but the installation process is extremely easy.
Imagine being able to have a new floor installed in just a few hours.
HERV has evolved and come a long way since the days of traditional vinyl tiles. Traditional vinyl tiles are limited in
styles and designs and looks plastic. HERV on the other hand comes in various appearances, textures and trendy
designs. Besides wood, some of them looks like marble, stone or pebbles, as shown below.
Now, for the best part - back to my new apartment at that time. When the landlord eventually sold his apartment, he
brought the floor along with him. Yes, he literally did! This is because HERV are never glued onto the floor, unlike
traditional vinyl tiles. Instead, it uses a click and lock system where each modular piece has sides that will lock with the
adjacent pieces, making it a floating floor system.
Article written by Michael Chua
Producer/Director/Actor, Writer and Technologist
The cleanup and maintenance of HERV flooring is also extremely easy. A simple
sweep job every week can maintain the flooring, and mopping only needs to
happen when the flooring is starting to get dirty.
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Microscopic ceramic particles suspended in clear liquid overlay for wear resistance.

Provides durability against scuff and abrasions.

High resolution printed film that replicates hardwood, ceramic or stone floor

This is the main material that forms the tile.

This embedded in between the main material to provide dimensional stability and
ensures flat and easy installation.

This is the main material that forms the tile.
HERV is designed to be durable, resistant to stains and water, and easy to clean and maintain. The waterproof nature
of HERV makes them less likely to become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can make a home
unhealthy to be in. It also reduces the risk of damage to the subfloor.

They are also comfortable to walk on as the core material of cork, vinyl, linoleum and rubber, gives a natural softness
that springs on your feet and yet maintaining an assuring sturdiness. This makes them a popular choice for home
living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, kitchens, and also places where people spends a lot of time on their
feet or places with heavy traffic, like retail stores, hospitals and offices. HERV is so sturdy that they have been installed
in stables, as it can even withstand the weight and the stomping  of horses.
The design of the flooring can also be extremely
unique and exquisite. There are so many different
flooring options to choose from with vinyl plank flooring,
you will be able to find exactly what you are seeking.
The vast array of colors is one of the reasons why this
type of flooring has become so popular.

HERV Vinyl is one of the better choiced flooring material
available on the market today. The cost of HERV vinyl
flooring ranges from just under
$4.00 to about $6.00 per
square foot depending on its model, design and
thickness. We hope that you
DO NOT pay more then the
amount recommended on this page for HERV, and for
professional HERV Vinyl Plank Flooring installations and
designs, there is only one company that really stands
out both in pricing and quality...
The click-and-lock system works
with the tongue (left side of the
piece) inserting snugly into a
groove (just like one shown on the
right) of an adjoining piece.

HERV is also easier to install
compared to traditional vinyl tiles.

For HERV, the floor does not have
to be perfectly flat, as the
composite material has a certain
degree of elasticity to compensate
for unevenness. Where else for
traditional vinyl tiles, the floor has
to be prepared to be very flat, otherwise any unevenness and lumps on the floor will show after the tiles are glued down.

And yes, I got my deposit back, as the floor looked as good as new at the end of my lease.
I have had on occasions inadvertently dragged my furniture on it, mopped and left it a little too wet, and carelessly
spilled food and grease on it. All those actions did not cause any damage to the HERV floor at all!
Over the long term, it is also termite proof. This is especially important when you are living near the woods where
infestation of termites can spread easily into the house.  For a highly humid country like Singapore, HERV will be a
natural choice to avoid the rot and fungus that commonly inhabit wood left in moist conditions.
It is also highly suitable for families with kids and pets. Much to your delight, those pesky creatures (and kids) may try
hard to destroy your floor, but will not ever succeed.

So, short of setting it on fire or slamming it with a sledge hammer HERV is indestructible with common use and care.
Given the durability, many suppliers are ready to offer long-term guarantees to their products.

HERV is a cheaper option than installing real wooden flooring.  The cost of maintaining the latter can also be costly
with the various treatments, polish and waxing. Installing real wood also require skilled tradesmen and this will add to
your cost. Where else HERV's click-and-lock floating floor system is relatively easy and quick to install.

It saves you time and also the harmful smells of synthetic glue that will linger in your house for a few days after
installation if you use real wooden parquet.
And if I had not told you, you would not have noticed the difference between a HERV and a natural wood parquet floor.