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Wall Decals
The décor of your home speaks a lot about
your personality. Therefore, you need to be
careful when you are taking care of the job.
Intellectual Property of Perle Noire (Singapore) 2009.
In collaboration with R.I.D.S. (Renovations & Interior Designs Singapore)
Home type
Home type
Home type
Finding the right
contractor or Interior
Design firm...
The Dos & Donts for a
home owner in desperate
need of a home
How can home owners
look out for con-artists
disguising themselves as
Interior Designers
what can they do if they
have been duped?
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Antique Bedroom Furniture
Bedroom is the only room in the house in which
you can truly relax and spend some alone time.
Therefore the bedroom décor has to be
something that lightens up your mood and helps
you relax effectively.
How to Choose a Mattress
Good night sleep is an important criterion for your sleep. Consideration like complementing
the mattress is important for the pattern of sleep. Preference of your partner is also important
and so is the budget. You have to decide properly and wisely before plunging in and
purchasing the mattress.
Kitchen Renovation Ideas
Gone were the days of old, dark and gloomy kitchens.
The kitchen areas of this era happens to make this space of your
home, one of the nicest but most expensive one..
10 ways to make your room more functional
Eugene Tay shows us how maximizing vertical space and controlling clutter are just two ways to
make your room more functional. Learn how to create a pretty, practical space with some simple
suggestions and pointers...
Environmentally Friendly Renovations
Regardless the time of year, many of us spend time pondering all of those tasks (large and small) we've
been meaning to get to around the house. From replacing kitchen appliances, to installing new lighting, to
renovating an entire room or floor.....
Are ceiling works essential?
With your budget being blown out of proportion due to things you probably did not need,
would it be wise to have ceiling works included in your renovations? Would it really make a
difference if your home had beautiful plaster ceilings and cove light boxes instead of the
conventional flat and standard concrete ceiling everyone else has?
D.I.Y Can save money meh?
Would it be wiser to manage the whole
renovation project by ourselves instead
of paying hefty amounts of money for an
interior designer? My neighbour did it, so
can I, but honestly, my neighbour's
house looks terrible!
Decorating your home with mirrors
Mirrors are not only beautiful, but functional
too - serving a purpose in every home. Interior
designer Farz Abdat of Perle Noire tells us
how to decorate your home with mirrors.
Re-Upholstering your old furniture...
Would that be the best way to save costs?
Would that be safer for the environment?
I'm bored with my old furniture now. Would it really make a difference if I reupholster it instead of
buying new ones?
40% of homeowners plan to renovate their home to improve their quality of living.
“While renovations can potentially increase the value of a property, survey results show that the purpose for renovating a home for many
Singaporeans, is to improve their lifestyle,” says Mr Bhai Angullia, Managing Director of
What You Need (and Don’t Need) to Set Up Your First Workable Home Kitchen
Cooking at home is the most effective way to minimize your food budget. Almost every meal you cook
at home will be less expensive (and often quicker) than a similar meal out on the town. Doing it
consistently will not only save you money consistently, but it’ll build up your skills in the kitchen.
Are customers always right?
The phrase “The customer is always right” was originally coined in 1909 by Harry
Gordon Selfridge, the founder of Selfridge's department store in London, and is
typically used by businesses to convince customers that they will get good service at
this company and convince employees to give customers good service