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New Cement Screeding Rule :

****Attention BTO flat Home owners / buyers ****

Come 1 December 2014, if you are renovating and having floor
replacements of your new BTO flats from HDB, you will not be
surprised it is going to be more expensive.

Housing Development Board (HDB) had imposed a new rule that
will take effect in December 2014 that contractors have to use pre-
packed screed for floor replacements, be it for wet or dry areas of
bathrooms, rooms, kitchen and the living room. The current
process is done with sand, with a mixture of sand and water, but
HDB has mentioned that the required new standard is made with
cement and sharp sand reduces wastage and is more eco-
friendly, making sure of a greener (and cleaner) environment.

Sharp sands have lower clay content and a gritty texture. It is
usually used in situations and constructions which requires
stronger hold and has a more jagged edge (not round like beach
sand) and usually silver to maroon colour. According to ID
contractors and owners, when implemented, this will cost nearly 3
grand, which includes both toilets and kitchen’s floors only.

While these may all sound good, it seems that the pre-packed
screed is higher in cost, and therefore these costs will be incurred
by the home owners, if you want to rework your HDB, that is.

It is said that this screed gives a more consistent quality than
usual DIY mixed cement and sand. Which some contractors/I.Ds
may relinquish some control over their own preferred way of
mixing. An Assistant Professor from NTU explained.

Yang - En Hua, Assistant Professor at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Nanyang Technological

Laminate Wood & (HERV) High End Resilient Vinyl Flooring

One of the most popular choices by home buyers these days when it comes to affordable and durable flooring is the use
of Laminated Wood or High End Resilient Vinyl flooring for their BTO home units.
The popularity of these flooring over the past years has immensely
increased due to the fact that these flooring are simply too affordable
and beautiful to pass off. Now of course, one has to wonder which
wholesaler or contractors one should engage for these flooring
services. The choice is in fact, an easy one...

With an enormous fan base and with tons of good reviews, this highly
recommended company truly stands out above the rest.

Headed by the infamous power-duo,
Mr Bhai Angullia & Madam Farz Abdat proves time and time again why
they are tops and on everyone's minds when it comes to beautiful and
affordable home flooring and why home owners should
NOT be
mislead by f
ly-by-night flooring companies, inexperienced salesmen or
market newbies.

And did we mention that is the only company in Singapore that offers a 6mth Instalment package for
new home owners of BTO homes? Yes you heard it right. Below are some of their works done in HDB homes in recent
years. This highly esteemed company which was founded in 2008, has since then, installed beautiful and affordable
flooring in more then 10,000 HDB homes (Speculated but never exaggerated)
For Cement Screeding services kindly contact : Mr Adrian hp : 9109 4041
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“Well, because this pre-mix is new to Singapore, selecting properly packaged mortar, pre-mixed mortar is very important,
you have different types and different choices of pre-mixed
mortar, therefore different applications for different jobs.”